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Minutes of Meeting
  1. September 30, 2015

  2. October 15, 2015

  3. February 16, 2016

  4. May 13, 2016



No.PSRMA/3-B/3041                                                                                                                                                                                                       November 25, 2015







The following members of the Executive Committee were present:-

1.         Mr. Khalid Javaid                                  Chairman

2.         Dewan Abu Obaida Farooqui                 Sr. Vice-Chairman

3.         Mian Arif Mehmood                              Vice-Chairman

4.         Mr. Asmat Pervaiz Malik                      Member Executive Committee

5.         Mian Muhammad Ashraf                      Member Executive Committee

6.         Mian Ahmad Hassan                           Member Executive Committee

7.         Mr. Javed Mughal                                Member Executive Committee

8.         Mr. Akhtar Saeed                               Member Executive Committee

9.         Mr. Ghulam Ali Bhattia                       Member Executive Committee

10.        Hafiz Muhammad Akbar                     Patron-in-Chief PSRMA


The following  also attended the meeting:


1.         Mian Muhammad Saeed                        M/s Madina Steel Industry, Kasur.

2.         Mian Manzoor Ahmad                           NewShalimar Steel Inds(Pvt)Ltd.

3.         Mian Tariq Waheed                               M/s Eastern Steel Industries

4.         Mian Murad Ashraf                                Aryan Steel Industries(Pvt)Ltd.

5.         Ch.  Aziz Ahmad                                  M/s Aziz Industrises      

6.         Mian Muhammad Ahmad Sethi              Naimat Ullah Steel Works(Pvt)Ltd.

7.         Sh. Amer Yousaf                                  Amir Asim Steel R/R Mills(Pvt)Ltd.

8.         Sh. Muhammad Hanif                            M/s S.H. Steel Mill

9.         Haji Habib Ullah                                    M/s Habib Steel Re-Rollng Mills

10.        Mr. Ilyas Aziz                                      Fazal Steel (Pvt) Ltd. Islamabad,

11.        Mr. Javed Iqbal                                    M/s Karachi Steel Mills, Islamabad.

12.        Mr. Khurram Ishtiaq                             M/s Ittehad Steel Industries, Karachi

13.        Mr. Abbas Akbar Ali                            M/s Amreli Steels, Karachi.

14.        Mr. Masood  Gul                                 Patron in Chief PSMA Lahore.

15.        Mr. M. Iqbal Tariq                                Chairman Pakistan Steel Melters Association

16.        Haji Aziz ur Rehman Chan                   Former Chairman of PSMA

17.        Dewan Rizwan Farooqui                       Chairman Pakistan Ship Breakers Association

18.        Mr. Hanif Jewani                                  Member Pakistan Ship Breakers Association

19.        Mr. Rafiq Islam                                    Member Pakistan Ship Breakers Association

20.        Mr. Sharif Paracha                               Member Pakistan Ship Breakers Association

21.        Mr. Hadi Akbar Ali                                M/s Amreli Steels, Karachi.

22.        M. Amanat Ali                                      Member Pakistan Steel Melters Association

23.        Mr. Bilal Jamal                                     Dost Steel Limited, Karachi.

24.        Mr. Jamal Iftikhar                                  Dost Steel Limited, Karachi.                  

25.        Maj (R) Mansoor Mahmood                    Secretary General  PSMA



1.         Recitation:        The meeting was started with recitation of verses from the

            Holy Quran by Hafiz Muhammad Akbar Patron in Chief PSRMA followed by translation into urdu.

2.         DUA-E-MUGHFARAT was offered for the father in law of Mr.  Karim Aziz Malik of Fazal Steel(Pvt) Ltd Islamabad. Dua was also offered for recovery from ill health for those who are seriously ill especially for Mian Muhammad Arshad of City Steel (Pvt) Ltd. Lahore  our former Chairman.


3.         Steel Industry Crises.

 Hafiz Muhammad Akbar Patron in Chief invited the Chairman PSRMA to brief the house about the issues of Steel Industry prevailing at present. The Chairman stated that he has called the meeting of all stake holders suffering from the threat of import of M.S. finished products which are pouring in the Country at a much cheaper rate than that of manufactured in the Country.  He said that prior to meeting of all stake holders we may first discuss these issues from re-rolling point of view.  He said that the purpose of meeting of all stake holders is to discuss the issues mutually and to suggest the solution with consences to the govt.  He said that import of MS finished products specially from China is the main threat to the local industry.  He said that China has established ware houses near the Pak China border and they are even willing to sell the finished goods on credit basis.  They are also willing to establish a ware house in Islamabad.  He said that prices of M.S. finished products coming from aboard are on lesser\ side which in consequence would definitely destruct the local industry and this alarming situation needs to be tackled on broader base.

                         Mr. Asmat Pervaiz Malik former Chairman PSRMA and now member Executive Committee  stated that Chinses are contacting directly to the consumers.  Has this not be tackled amicably then where we would sell our products?

                        Dewan Abu Obaida Farooqui Senior Vice-Chairman PSRMA said that it has been observed that in view of cheaper rates of M.S. products the manufacturer are also importing M.S. finished products and he thinks that

one reason is the  obstacles faced by re-rollers in procuring the raw material.  He said that imported billet must cost Rs. one thousand to two thousand

per Metic ton more than manufactured in the Country.  He emphasized on forming a Committee for balancing the prices of raw material of every kind.


Hafiz Muhammad Akbar Patron in Chief suggested the following agenda to be discussed in the meeting of all stake holders.

1.     Threat to local industry from imported M.S. finished goods.

2.     Raw Material issues.

3.     To Chalk out a price mechanism in balancing the products of Melting, Ship breakers and re-rollable scrap.

4.     Further sales tax on Steel Industry.

5.     Any other point with the permission of Chairman.


Chairman agreed to the points of agenda and said that  priority would

be given to the first point and import of M.S. finished products shall be discouraged at all levels.


The meeting of all stake holders started at 11.30 A.M.


Dewan Rizwan Farooqui Chairman PSBA said that last year i.e. 2014 ten lac metric ton ship breaking was noticed which has now become un viable and now a days we are facing the worst position ever since establishment of this industry.  He said to restrict today meeting up to only import of M.S. finished products.


Mr. Masood Gul Patron in Chief of Pakistan Steel Melters Association suggested to constitute a committee comprising the representative of all three stake holders i.e. steel melters, ship breakers and re-rollers.


Mr. Abbas Akbar Ali of Amreli Steel when asked to give his views said that FBR is suffering a loss of about 40 billon rupees and the Govt has made a commitment with IMF to make good the short fall within next quarter which may be in the form of  mini budget.  He said that we should first restrict to only one point agenda regarding  threat to the local industry in case of import  of M.S. finished goods and we have to work  immediately on this agenda by taking time from the Federal Finance Minister.


After a deliberate discussion a Committee under the Chairmanship of Mr. Khalid Javaid comprising of the following representative of each sector of steel industry was formed in order to sort out the solution of the problem.           


     Members From Pakistan Steel Re-Rolling Mills Associtation.


1.     Mr. Khalid Javaid                      Chairman PSRMA          (Islamabad)

2.     Mr. Asmat Pervaiz Malik           Member E.C. PSRMA(Lahore)

3.     Mian Tariq Waheed                   Former Chairman PSRMA(Lahore)

4.     Mr. Javaid Mughal                     Member E.C. PSRMA(Lahore)

5.     Dewan  Abu Obaida Farooqui    Sr. Vice-Chairman PSRMA(Karachi)

6.     Mr. Khurram Ishtiaq                   Former V/Chairman PSRMA(Karachi)

Members From Pakistan Steel Melters Association.


7.     Mr. Masood Gul                        Patron in Chief PSMA

8.     Mr. M. Iqbal Tariq                      Chairman PSMA

9.     Mian Muhammad Ashraf            Former Chairman PSMA

10.  Mr. Dawood Khan                     Sr. V/Chairman PSMA

11.  Mr. Abbas Akbar AlI                  Amreli Steel

            Members From Pakistan Ship Breaking Association.


12.  Dewan Rizwan Farooqui             Chairman PSBA

13.  Mr. Hanif Jewani                        Member PSBA

14.  Mr. Rafique Salam                     Member PSBA

15.  Mr. Sharif Piracha                      Member PSBA


The first meeting of the Committee was also convened in the afternoon at

3, PM  on 14-11-2015 where in the above discussed one point agenda  i.e, threat to the Steel Industry from import of  Mild Steel Finished  goods was discussed in detail.  This was supported by necessary calculations and it was suggested that import of MS finished products may be discouraged at all levels and if  its import is inevitable then the landed cost of such products may be around Rs.2000/-per metric ton higher than manufactured in the Country.  This may be only  achieved if the rate of sales tax at import stage is enhanced to 35% from 17%.


It was suggested that Federal Finance Minister Mr. Ishaq Dar may be requested to take necessary measures immediately for saving the local steel industry from destruction and  avoid unemployment in millions.  He may also be requested to give  time to the committee  comprised of all stake holders  in the best interest of industry and the country.


4.         Closure. There being no other point to be discussed the meeting ended

with a votes of thanks to the Chair.



                                                          S. MAZHAR HUSSAIN NAQVI,

                                                                        Secretary General


Minutes of Meeting
  1. September 30, 2015

  2. October 15, 2015

  3. February 16, 2016

  4. May 13, 2016


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